Door Closer and Panic Bar

Door Closer and Panic Bar

The term panic bar was introduced to show the direction when there is a massive panic among people, and there is an ongoing mass evacuation that caused them to crash onto the doors to escape the premises. Hence, the exit devices have been included and required to use in the building code and in fire departments where these exits must be used.

These devices have been made durable after several testing and tryouts and are easy to use. These are also installed in places where it technically isn’t required by the code to do so, but following safety precautions and measures, these are still placed in case of emergencies.

After countless experimentations done by veteran engineers, we bring you the latest and unique designs which are easy to install and apply in case of emergencies and which do not wither or get rusty with time if left suspended without use for a while—manufactured as per international standards, creating a safe way out during times of panic and emergencies.
These bars are easy to install in steel and aluminium paints and help maintain security over the perimeter. Because of their all-purpose functions, even an alarm function was established in the system to ensure even more safety. We can make push-type emergency doors available for you. It can be wooden or steel made depending on your tastes. Even aluminium finishes are available with a single point locking system as an exclusively tailored future.

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