French Door Glass Installation and Repair

French Door Glass Installation and Repair

Why Should you Choose French Door Glass Installation & Repair?

Authentic French doors are wide double-hinged doors made of glass panes from top to bottom, often termed as lights or lights. They usually lead out to the backyard or the front yard of a house and bring in much light to illuminate the house. They vary in size, style, material, color, and design.

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French Door Glass Installation Lorton, VA

The main thing that our experts keep a note of while installing your French doors is the direction of opening the doors – in-swing or out-swing. We check the space around the door and the hinge to ensure that it can swing open without hindrance. Once the radius around the pivot of the French door’s swing is measured, the opening’s jamb depth needs to be calculated. For older homes, a new jamb may need to be installed to ensure the French doors fit.

French Door Glass Repairs in Lorton VA

Our experienced repairmen can fix any issue or damage that your French door is facing. Unless a glass replacement is essential, we will not suggest it, but instead, find the best solution to repair your glass problem as quickly and efficiently as possible with our wide range of tools and appliances.

French doors with wooden frames tend to warp and rot over time, especially the side that is exposed to the outside world. The sections that have deteriorated over time will be scrubbed and sanded, after which we apply resin glue to the affected areas and let it dry overnight. Once the glue dries, the site is sanded again, after which stain and polish are applied to give the door frames a shiny new finish. We also repair misalignments, cracks, leaks, faulty latches, or cracks and holes found in your French doors so that it is renewed to a brand-new state.

Why should you choose Next Day Glass & Mirror?

Call our emergency helpline number in the case of emergency damage that requires immediate repair, and our expert handymen will be at your doorstep in no time. Our experts can guide you through the wide range of available options of French doors to help you find the perfect match for your home’s architectural style and design. So, whether you want brand new French doors added to your home or want to repair or replace your existing doors, Next Day Glass & Mirror is the company for you.

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