Fire Door Repair and Installation

Fire Door Repair and Installation

Fire doors are a ubiquitous and essential feature of any building, small or large. Hopefully, these doors may never get used but can indeed easily be blemished or worn out and as they lose their self-closing capability. Usually, a short and easy repair solves this issue, like oiling and fitting, etc.

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These doors are explicitly designed to help slow down the fire and smoke, so you get extra essential time to escape and make a run for it. All these fire doors are tested to BS EN 1634-1, and CE marked. These fire doors can be better improvised by adding a panic bar system. Partial or complete doors made of glass are ideal for working as a fire escape door for corridors and premises used by people a lot. Ensuring that these windows comply with the standard part M regulations where the zone of visibility is minimum is well looked after by us. It is essential and necessary that these doors have some safety provisions like a window, allowing people to see on either side of the door. A fully built glass door also adds an extra option for natural light in times of distress and adds aesthetic appeal and monetary value to the building.

Repairs of such doors are tricky; if there is any compromise in these doors’ functioning, a total replacement is required. So if your fire door is making any weird noises or showing uncharacteristic behavior, definitely call or contact our executive, and we will come over instantly to perform an inspection.

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