Neo Angle Shower Door

Neo Angle Shower Door

As the name suggests, the neo-angle shows off an angular bathroom space while making use of our aesthetic and luring design techniques brought together by experts in the domain of flawless and mesmerizing architecture patterns. If your style corner needs a bit more push to exhibit its full potential, our neo frameless shower doors can do the trick, instantly turning your hub into a show-stopper.

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By custom designing your angular shower, it’ll transform into its one-of-a-kind piece of display even when unused, giving you the feeling of showering in an oasis. The neo-angle design adds appeal with a fashionable designer look. With proper specifications and modifications, something only YOU own can be made to suit your tastes—a creative way of solving the problem of corner showers indeed.

Unlike the inline variant, this type has three glass sides encapsulating two walls. Contrasting to the 180-degree look from the inline genre, this has a 135-degree angle between each wall and glass door communication. The neo corners, too, boast a range of designs and patterns available for installation by us, and if the tastes don’t suit you, custom-built is always an option. The main feature remains the same, though, but alterations can be made like a moving door placement, flanking the door between two glass panes for support or panels placed on top of single or two half walls. Your guide and we create.

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