Foggy Glass Repair

Foggy Glass Repair

In case a replacement is not necessary, and your glass is fit enough to run longer for you with some small repairs, we help you restore the same and give you tips to prevent small mishaps from happening so your glass won’t be prone to status ailments like fog. Replace your dull shine with a brighter one.

But replacing a glass every time isn’t a wise solution. That is when the Next Day Glass & Mirror comes into play. Our services would help you in increasing the lifespan of your seemingly short-lived glass. As a basic design, insulated windows typically use two panes of glass with air as cushioning. This air, usually made of argon or krypton, is noble gases that won’t react with the glasses, frames, or surroundings and will also increase your glass windows’ energy-efficiency. Such types of windows maintain and sustain temperature-controlled air inside your home

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Almost all the windows have an insulated glass unit (IGU) inside them. This doubles the R-value of your glass objects and helps in energy efficiency. The problem of fog starts to occur when the seal around this IGU begins to deteriorate and wear down, and over time, this seal will only keep declining, increasing the times your window or glass stays foggy. The reason behind this breaking of the seal can be,
  • Old age. After a couple of decades, the seal has already withstood countless harsh conditions and weathers, and it is now time that it let goes of its responsibilities after a series of gruesome conditions.
  • Excess heat. Science! Expansion of air when warm causes the seal to stretch. Now, this won’t be an issue on every hot summer day, but direct exposure to harsh sunlight may just do the job of breaking the seal in a worse case.
  • Exposure to water. Don’t forget to check your window seals after every rainfall or flood if unlucky. The perimeter seals are exposed and unsafe to damage caused by too much water percolated near windows.
And there are more endless reasons like moisture too, to cause foggy glasses, but there is one basic solution to all of it in case fog does start appearing, and that it is to give our helpline a call and our technicians would do the repairs as swiftly as the fog appears.
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