Emergency Board Up

Emergency Board Up

We at the Next Day Glass & Mirror understand your concerns and the importance of keeping your commercial assets and facilities well protected and preserved at all times. With emergency services available 24/7, our technicians are professionals who can board up your premises at any time, showing off A-Grade performance; even if it is before a predicted natural disaster, our crew ensures the safety of all your belongings and your setup in any damage-causing event occurrence.

Once the danger has passed and the coast is clear, our crew, once again, are ready to jump in the fray and respond to your calls to protect your valuables and assets to keep them safe from rain, wild animals, and even thefts. Leaving your property exposed just minutes after a disaster possibly makes it vulnerable, an easy target to further increased damages, and a longer duration of downtime.

Need for Emergency Board Up Services

Following a natural disaster or any unprecedented turmoil caused by Mother Nature, commercial properties can be left with collapsed roofs, broken windows, damaged walls, and many unnoticed damages. If not immediately dealt with, these damages can then prove long-lasting, which would then take a more extended period for repairs and restorations. And suppose such maintenance can’t be immediately dealt with. In that case, we at Next Day Glass & Mirror can tackle the issue by boarding up all the damages, entryways, corners, and openings to prevent further damage. The sooner you avail of our services, the better chances you get at safekeeping and protecting your buildings and property.

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Our Emergency Board Up Services Include:

  • Calculation of property loss in events of disaster or property loss
  • Drafting a plan to board up and cover the areas of openings like rooftops etc.
  • If and when needed, our company will also make the site available and accessible for the insurance crew, including opening up the boarded covered regions.
  • Effortlessly and smoothly transitioning into site construction whenever the client is ready to save ample time and more damage to the property.
As a bonus feature for availing of our services, we also got your back with emergency roof trapping, which keeps wind and water at bay and out of your roof until the restoration process.
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