Inline Shower Door

Inline Shower Door

The term ‘inline’ refers to the singular opening space concerning the other three sides, which are just walls. Any number of glass doors and panels combined with enclosing the showering space will permanently be fixed side-by-side, or you can say at 180 degrees. These enclosures open up your room visually, giving you a unique perception of the room. Even in the sub-class that is the inline shower door, there are many more styles of the same category to fit your tastes, which can blend well with your room. A few popular ones’ being,
  • Inline – Door attached to walls with clamps
  • Inline – Door attached to the wall with U channel
  • Inline – Pivot with clamps
  • Inline – Knee wall with clamps
  • Inline – Steam Shower with transom, the list goes on.

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The perfect shower door helps you convert your bathroom into a pleasure booth, while the wrong one can equally contrast the feel, so you mustn’t recklessly choose a shower door without giving it much of a thought; haste makes waste after all.
These shower doors are unlike the traditional single-doors; they consist of multiple glass panels, giving a fresh, vivid look. Due to this mechanism, all inline shower doors have a 180-degree angle constituted between one another. With this, they all form a straight inline design. It may be a single swinging door connected to a single glass panel or total panels on either side of the door. These can either be framed or frameless.

Need help installing one? We at Next Day Glass & Mirror help you turn your regular bathrooms give a luxurious look, with costs so budget-friendly that you would want all your bathrooms to feel the same. Even with the installation, maintenance and repairs, we provide you all kinds of services and inline shower door options of your choice. Just give a call at the hovering number, and our professional executive will take care of all your queries.

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