Gym Mirrors & Mirror Walls

Gym Mirrors

Regardless of whether you’re attempting to discover Exercise Room Mirrors for your office or business area rec center or expert rec center or move studio, Montgomery Glass Pro will configuration, manufacture, and introduce mirrors that suit your task impeccably.

Montgomery Glass Pro is normally chosen by different glass organizations to attempt their mirror work. The method of reasoning is clear since we are the best!
To guarantee a perfect fit, Montgomery Glass Pro’ staff will start to your office or business area or business to live and design the mirrors before they’re placed into creation. Since we stock and create our mirrors at our manufacturing plant, we will deliver your mirrors rapidly, with the precision to offer you a genuine reflection from each noticeable point.

For wellbeing, the entirety of Montgomery Glass Pro’ mirrors have a security backing. Adjustment, expulsion, or dealing with any messed up mirror should just be finished by experienced glass experts.

If you don’t mind counsel Montgomery Glass Pro while in transit to appropriately spotless and keep up your Montgomery Glass Pro reflect items.

Our dependable, master installers will regard your office or business area or business as though it were their own and ensure that your mirrors are introduced effectively to keep going for a considerable length of time.

Mirror Walls

Mirrors help open up an area by adding depth and reflecting light. A mirrored wall can have a dramatic effect on an area when done correctly. Gone are the times of a whole wall covered with nothing but mirrors. Today, there are more nuances to a mirrored wall that has modernized the design . The team at Montgomery Glass Pro will guide, design, fabricate and install the right wall of mirrors in your office or business area.

A small space just like the foyer can feel spacious with the addition of a mirrored wall. A wall of mirrors within the dining room can add a trendy focus, within the bathroom a mirrored wall are often stylish while also functional, eliminating the necessity for an additional mirror on the wall.

Mirrored Wall Styles

Add a singular finish to the mirrors. Like our antiqued mirrors, you’ll add a singular finish to the mirrors on your wall. it’ll add style and have the space look less sort of a dance studio. Use multiple mirrors. Utilizing quite one mirror together can hack the monotony of the glass on the wall. The mirrors are often all an equivalent shape and size, have various frame sizes and shapes, or maybe during a pattern.
Etch on a design. you’ll use almost any quite material to color , glaze, etch and draw a design onto the mirrors. If you discover yourself not much of an artist, you’ll always hire one. Hang artwork over the mirrored wall. this will be an excellent thanks to frame a gorgeous piece of artwork. you’ve got to take care with the hardware to mount it as you don’t want to interrupt the glass. The artwork should even be as on the brink of the wall as possible to not show the rear of the piece and therefore the hardware wont to mount it.
Don’t cover the whole wall. While this might not necessarily be a mirrored wall style, the mirrored wall doesn’t got to be completely covered by the mirrors. Having the wall show through can increase the planning of your mirror wall.

If you’re looking to feature a mirrored wall to your office or business area call the glass experts at Montgomery Glass Pro. Our professional glass installers are going to be ready to advise and construct a gorgeous wall of mirrors for you.

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